J I N hyun Jeon

Shared RitualShared RitualShared RitualShared Ritual

Shared Ritual


Tableware used day to day has an important role. It has effects on how we enjoy eating. Eating habits – the ritual with slowing down and enjoying a family meal and for it to be a part of our lives – is being weakened. Perhaps designing tableware, which is more in touch with our senses may have an impact on how we enjoy eating and in developing more conscious relations to our food consumption. Whereas, today’s high technology era has brought hurry-sickness and the pace is too hot, coming along instant cultures. The Shared Ritual is composed a goblet with a 140 cm of long stem which has been designed being not able to stand up itself. If it has been full of water, it would spill over when losing one’s balance slightly. Unless you do act calmly. Like tea ceremony, it regards composure and calmness as a ritual and concerns not only taste but also the flavour of tea, holding a fragile stem delicately.


‘Shared Ritual’ Tea-Glass

A/ 7.5X140cm
B/ 6.5 x 110cm